Friday, January 17, 2014

My Favourite Things (January Edition)

Sisters that have impromptu sleepovers without mentioning a word to their parents.

 Leather coats and hats.
 Husbands that are great cooks.

 New winter boots.

A crazy good deal on this chest.

An antique Tompkins chair given to us at Christmas.

The coziest slippers ever.

What are your favourite things lately?


Amanda von Arx said...

that's totally like my grandma's chair... minus being shredded by cats and still having the original hideous upholstery :) this makes me almost motivated enough to recover mine.... ALMOST.

SJCT said...

My favorite things are: 1) An awesome wife that does everything ridiculously good and 2) Two little girls that are awesome to hang out with...especially now that they like to jam with me!

The Sampson Family said...

Love that they sneak in for sleepovers with each other!
Having a husband who can cook is definitely one of my favorite things too!

Courtney said...

Friday ski days with Maddy, the song Pompeii by Bastille, skating parties after school, pomegranate in everything, my new ski jacket, and having a vacation to look forward to!

.twist. said...

You look fantastic in that hat! What a great pic!

My favourite things lately are baked crispy chicken wraps! They're so good and I eat one for dinner almost every night!

My, relatively, new baby.