Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Playdough vs. Glitter

A little while ago, I asked my Facebook friends which was worse - playdough or glitter?

I got some fun responses.  The general consensus is that they both suck but glitter is the worst (the herpes of crafting, someone said which totally cracks me up).  I would probably agree.  I am really reluctant to say yes to either.  It seems like I'm always cleaning up on a regular day without adding in an extra messy activity.  So it's hard to be excited when the girls ask.  Instead I feel dread and the guilt that comes with saying no!  I enjoy Spring and Summer when we can take those things outside.  The great thing is that they seem to always have those things going on at preschool.  So, once Presley starts, I'm set!

What do you think?


Courtney said...

Maddy is a pretty tidy crafter, so we don't seem to have too much trouble with glitter everywhere. Glitter glue is a great alternative too. For playdough I have a system that keeps it pretty contained, but I hate when it gets all smushed in to her clothes.

The Sampson Family said...

We rarely use glitter but we use play dough a lot and Grace is really good about keeping it on the table and doesn't make much of a mess. Now that Anna is starting to get in on the fun it'll get a bit messier!