Friday, January 24, 2014

School Blues

Earlier this week, Sammy casually mentioned to me that she had left the bathroom stall during bathroom break at school to find her class gone. They had gone back to the classroom without her. There was an older girl in the bathroom so she escorted her back to class. Sammy didn't seem upset when she told me, she was quite matter of fact about it. I asked her if she cried and she said no, but that she might have had the older kid not been there. We reviewed what to do if it happened again. When it came time to tell Shawn when he came home from work, she clammed up and got very embarrassed. She definitely did not want anyone else to know.

I spoke to the teacher the following morning during dropoff.  He had no idea it had even happened. They had left her there and they had also failed to notice when she returned. Yikes! Anyway, the appropriate reactions were had and I'm confident it won't happen again. The aids in charge of the bathroom break apologized to Sammy profusely.

Today, Presley and I were getting groceries when I received a call from Sammy's school. She was claiming to feel sick and hot and was very lethargic. I instantly knew she was faking. I went and picked her up anyway, took her home and of course she was fine. I don't know for sure, but it seems like it is related to the bathroom incident. However, when asked, she had numerous different reasons (school is too long, the toys are always the same, her classmates fight, she misses me and yes, she even admitted she was scared she would be left again). So. Now what? Obviously she can't be faking sick every time she wants to avoid something...although wouldn't it be great if we could go through life like that?! What would you do?

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Mrs. Z said...

We have this issue sometimes, and I think here it boils down to he wants to be at home - home is fun! And we (parents) are super safe to them. We talk a lot about how school is his job, how astronauts have to go to school, etc. when he fakes sick (and I know he's faking) I tell him right away that if he has to stay home it's straight back to bed because he must be really sick. He would always rather go to school.

Since this may stem from the bathroom issue, can you ask one of the assistants to stand right outside the stall where Sammy can see their feet (or hear their voice) so she is not worried? As a teacher I know special things like this can be a pain, but when there is a specific thing that needs to be addressed it is worth it for a few days.