Monday, January 20, 2014

Traffic Sources

If you have a blog, have you ever checked this out?  If you look, you'll find how random people find your blog...what they're putting in their search engine (does anyone use anything besides Google these days?).  Most of our "random" traffic comes from googling Tompkins Family or some version of that.  We also get quite a few from people searching "potty training blog" or "thumb sucking blog"...which is kind of funny because I've potty trained 2 kids and weaned 2 kids from sucking their thumbs/fingers.  Not exactly an expert blog, by any means.  Another popular keyword?  "Sock hands." I love this!  People actually search for that?!  To be fair, I have quite a few blog entries with those words in them.  Remember Sammy's sock hands phase?Anyway.  Please look and report back, it's so entertaining!


CanadianMama said...

AJ put socks on his hands the other day and ran around saying "I'm the sock guy". It totally made me think of you! So cute! Too bad she doesn't do that anymore hey lol

My biggest traffic sources are about my blog name or Canadian Mama but I also get a LOT about "Angry Doberman". I know I've got a dobie and must have blogged about her more than once but what a let down that must be for people hey!

Mrs. Z said...

Boo, I have mine set up so it doesn't come up in google searches. My small attempt at a little privacy, though I know it doesn't accomplish much. I would enjoy some silly key words though!