Friday, April 11, 2014

Kids and Chores

This is an interesting subject to me...especially now that the girls are at an age where they can be actively helping out in the house.  Shawn and I are believers in everyone in the family pitching in to make it run efficiently.  We both grew up this way and feel it has contributed to us being hard workers.  We follow Dave Ramsey and his financial plan quite closely and it is his belief that kids get paid a "commission" for the chores they do each week.  This is like an allowance except if you don't do the work, you don't get paid.  I like this system because it creates teachable moments.  So, we're going to implement this now.  We sat down and drafted a list of chores with the girls last night.  Now they have always been required to help out and clean up their messes (and they do a good job, for the most part).  It definitely won't be new to them and many of their chores are things they were doing already.  But, they are starting to ask for specific toys and whatnot and I think saving money to buy them (or not) will be effective life lessons.

Sammy has decided her chores will be:
-make bed every day.
-feed Charlie morning and night.
-set the table at mealtimes.
-fold and put away her laundry.
-dust her room weekly.
-get the mail daily.

Presley has decided her chores will be:
-make bed every day.
-feed Robbie morning and night.
-empty the dishwasher (tupperware and cutlery).
-fold her laundry (with help) and put it away.
-dust room weekly.
-empty bathroom garbages.

They wanted to add more things but I thought this would be a good start.  They will be paid $0.50 per chore for the week.  I'm making up a checklist and we'll review it with them on "payday".  I will be sure to report back on how it's going and if we've made any changes.

What does your family do when it comes to chores?  Have you tried things that have worked or have failed miserably?  Any advice to give?  If your kids are still babies, what do you plan on doing?


Amanda von Arx said...

i think this is awesome!
I didn't get paid as a kid but we definitely had to do our share. I am hoping that once hugo is a bit older that we can maybe do something similar.

Courtney said...

I never had to do anything as a kid. And was generally discouraged from helping even if I wanted to, because I wouldn't do it "right". Maddy currently sets the table and empties the dishwasher as her official jobs. I guess she gets the mail too, but I don't consider that a chore!

I'm really torn on paying vs not paying for chores. On the one hand I agree that she should be paid for her hard work, but on the other I think that she should help because that is part of being a family and not be asking for payment every time she's asked to do something.

.twist. said...

I think this is an AWESOME plan. I'm also shooooocked that the girls can fold their clothing. Our boys hardly know which pieces are their own! LOL

I am going to try to implement this system into our house. Even though it will be a little weird with the boys here only every other weekend.

The Sampson Family said...

Sounds like a good plan! I grew up doing chores; we had a chore list and my siblings and I had a different chore each day. We didn't get paid for them though, but my parents would pay for things we did beyond the day-to-day household stuff (extra yardwork, shoveling snow, etc).